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Business Department

The Department of Business provides students with theories and concepts related to international, world-class business practices. The department seeks to graduate students who will be competitive in domestic and international firms, and who can successfully continue their studies at the post-graduate level.
The objectives, curriculum, and teaching methodologies of the department are designed to provide students with 1) a solid foundation in appropriate areas of knowledge at the level of international best practices; 2) an in-depth introduction in one discipline (accounting, finance, or management); 3) an understanding of professionalism and its practices; 4) excellent presentation and business writing skills; 5) outstanding critical thinking skills; and 6) an understanding of business ethics in the international community.
The Department of Business provides students with the following degree options:
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in accounting, finance, marketing and operations management.

PLEASE NOTE THE CONTACT FORM (previously on  the right) WAS NOT FUNCTIONING Jan. 2017-the present. Please re-send your request. FOR INFORMATION AND INQUIRIES contact us directly   rmonger@auaf.edu.af 
Message from the Department Chair

Business Department Faculty
Dr. Boris Abbey, Associate Professor
Dr. Sujatha Chandarlapaty Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarath WSB DasanayakaProfessor
Prof. Colleen Foster, Assistant Professor
Omar JoyaInstructor of Economics
Dr. Rod MongerProfessor and MBA and UG Director/Chair
Patricia Read-HunterAssistant Professor of Business

Business Department Adjunct Faculty
Ahmad Reshad Popal,
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Joseph MehrabiAdjunct Professor
Christopher Henderson, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Humanities
Alem Shah Ibrahimi, Adjunct professor