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Upcoming TOEFL-Test
Tuesday, November 24, 2015- 9:00 AM
Upcoming TOEFL-Test (Herat)
8:30 AM
Campus Tour
Thursday at 2 PM

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Why American University of Afghanistan?

 "The proverb “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime”, suits AUAF because it is not only providing knowledge to the students, but teaching them  how to gain it. At AUAF I learned more than what I was expecting. Studying at AUAF is not limited to classes, students can learn from each other and they can learn through students club and guest speaker series."  Ahmad Omaid Sultani, Senior Political Science Student.

Quick Links

Quick Links

In this page, you shall be able to locate and connect quickly to the pages you are looking for. Also, this page provide you with link to external relevant institutions. 

Student Corner

Student Corner

This section is dedicated to highlight  student centric activities of the university. In this section, you will be reading stories, news, briefs, and reports on students' activities within and outside the campuses. Each link on the right side provides detail to an activity initiated and performed by the students. Please click the links on the right to read more. 



Alumni of AUAF

In this section, you will be provided information on the Alumni community of AUAF. Their activities, news, events, contribution, achievements, and reunions will be highlighted. Alumni community is an integral part of the university and maintains a close and cooperating relationship with the university. For more, click on the links provided on the right side.