United States Institute of Peace (USIP) team visited AUAF


USIP:  Creating Space for Dialogues on Peace

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) President and CEO, Nancy Lindborg, visited AUAF on October 30 for meetings with students and faculty.  As Ms. Lindborg explained, USIP was founded by the US Congress in Washington, DC 35 years ago for the sole purpose focusing on ways to "wage peace, not conflict".  Joining Ms. Lindborg were Andrew Wilder, USIP Vice President, Asia Programs, Scott Warden, Director, Afghanistan and Central Asia Programs, and Mr. M. Ehsan Zia, former Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and now Country Director of USIP-Afghanistan.  USIP representatives noted that their program in Afghanistan is the largest of their programs in 51 countries around the world.  In Afghanistan, USIP is actively engaged in “creating space for discussions on peace” through their ongoing programs around the country.  Ms. Lindborg described the 'narrative of fatigue’ both in Afghanistan and the United States that years of conflict has induced and USIP is focused on showcasing Afghanistan’s desire for peace.  The standing-room-only crowd of students and faculty lent their voices to the lively discussion on the importance of building a national identity and espousing national values as keys for the future of the nation.  

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