The Women Have Got the Formula - Booklet

The Directorate of Scientific Research led by Distinguished Professor de Fez Laso at AUAF is excited to share a new publication: “The Women Have Got The Formula”.  This very readable booklet brings science closer to the people of Afghanistan by presenting introductions in English, Dari and Pashto to females figures who dedicated their life to the study of the fascinating science that is Chemistry. Based on the original publication “Ellas Tienen La Formula” published by Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias (Valencia, Spain), it has been possible thanks to an international collaboration (Spain-Afghanistan) and a local multidisciplinary team headed by Distinguished Professor de Fez Laso, with faculty and students from the science and humanities arenas at AUAF. Hosai Ayobi, an AUAF student described the book’s impact: “If, when I was at high school, I would have known that women were taking leading roles in science, perhaps I would have chosen a career in this area”.


“This translation is the first of a set of publications directed to fill the knowledge gap about the excellent contributions in STEM that women have made for the progress of humanity. I hope through reading these booklets the girls of Afghanistan will feel inspired to choose to take part and lead in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as the brightest future awaits for them” Dr. Maria Del Mar De Fez Laso, Distinguished Professor and Director of Scientific Outreach at AUAF. 


Download a PDF copy of the booklet through the following link:

The Women Have Got the Formula

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