Student Clubs

Student-sponsored clubs enrich the overall student experience by allowing students to pursue their personal interests outside the classroom. They are an integral part of the learning process. Interest-oriented clubs represent the diversity of professional and extracurricular interests and cultural backgrounds in the AUAF community. AUAF encourages participation in student clubs and the formation of clubs that promote student interests and hobbies and develop their skills. Student clubs that are recognized by the Office of Student Affairs are eligible for funding to assist them with their operating costs. All student club presidents are automatically members of the President’s Council.


Book club

The purpose of AUAF Liberty Book Club is to promote culture of reading and to encourage youth in studying extracurricular books during their degree studies and introduce new books or books related to the major of students. Moreover, the purpose of this club is creation of a friendly environment for reading discussion books on our weekly or monthly sessions.

Music Club

We established this club by the request of the interested students, and the benefits of this club are promoting brain growth, exercising both sides of the brain, raising IQ, sparking creativity, increasing problem solving skills, improving memory and reading skills.

Chess club

The chess Club has two sessions every week. (Monday and Thursday). The objective of the club is to teach students the basic steps of playing chess and participating in future competitions abroad. The club organize lectures and practice games for the beginners and intermediate level chess players.

Debate and Diplomacy Club:

Our vision is to help university deliver students that are able to articulate beliefs to the Afghan community. Trough Debate Club leadership, we want to reach our goals of prompting debate at AUAF community and build linkages with other debate institutions. Moreover, we want to expose students to some degree of diversified knowledge our programs.

Islamic Club

Provision of Arabic classes and Islamic lecture for students to learn Arabic, through online Arabic classes by a well-known scholar Nouman Ali Khan, and enhance their Islamic studies, by inviting guest speakers. The Arabic classes includes 32 videos that will be played to students twice a week, 3 videos per day, which will help the students to learn Arabic by the end of each semester and able them to understand the contextual meaning of Quran in depth.

Hip Hop Club

This club have productive sessions about the culture and history of hip hop, It would also include sessions that would teach how to write hip hop lyrics and synchronize it with a certain instrumental (beat). We are also planning on creating events that would call on stage famous Afghan rappers. The sessions would be open to faculty and students to be able to utilize these informative, fun and entertaining club. For more information, you can contact student affairs to look at our "Statement of Purpose" for the club.

Political Science Club

The political science is representing the political science students, and welcomes other departments interested in political science. On the other hand, as part of their activities they will be visiting governmental institutions, yet to have to finalize the date of meeting with ministry of foreign affairs and attorney general office. Furthermore, we will bring governmental officials, political leaders, and influential people within the country as guest speakers.

University Success Club

We are here to facilitate the Afghan future leaders and make sure they are successful in their studies and beyond” University Success Club has a range of activities, such as success stories, tips on studying throughout the semester, stress relief and motivational speeches. Success stories of inspiring students is crucial in order to ensure success and encourage them to fulfill their potential. Finally, our club is focusing on providing additional lectures on the subjects that majority of students may have weaknesses as well.

ART Club

The AUAF ART CLUB mission is to advance the students’ creativities, talents and capacities. Moreover, it can be used as a general course in humanities for those students who are interested in learning arts in the future. The goals and plans of Art Club is to create a better environment for the students in terms of learning, inspiring and motivating them to perform well in their academic life. It helps the students to be creative in terms of becoming a better problem solver, better connect with their community, expand sense of time, improve self-awareness and expression and stress relief.

Drama Club

We aim to explore the acting talents inside each member and give them roles according the scenes we would perform. The scenarios we want to set as events, one event each month. Our sessions would be practice sessions that we will rehearse the scenarios and the dialogues.

Earth Club

The club is totally committed to continue environmental education and any other campaign that helps us to go through our mission. By each semester, we will have some more social wide campaigns that encourages people to bring a small change in their behavior and life style.

Computer Science Club

To provide and maintain a support network that encourages the personal, intellectual, career, and social growth of AUAF undergraduates who are interested in Computer Science - especially those who are majoring in Computer Science; Also to provide opportunities to exercise and develop skills important to Computer Science, through conducting programming workshops and competitions, holding informative talks, organizing algorithm challenges, providing a platform for open-source software contributions and purchased course tutorials and hosting geeky workshops through volunteer professional coders.

Speech Club

AUAF Speech Club is designed to be of use in preparing for any public speech, but especially those in competition of any format. The term public speaking covers many activities. It is an essential part of the jobs of tomorrow’s leaders, politicians, broadcasters, lecturers, salesmen, lawyers and religious figures. At some point all of us will have to give speech in public, whether at a public ceremony or community occasion, or in a class, business presentation or job interview.

MUN Club

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues. The AUAF Model UN Club’s mission is to build students skills such as public speaking, diplomacy, and basic knowledge of international relations through conducting simulation of the United Nations sessions. Through cultivating a deeper knowledge of the United Nations, and understanding of the political, military, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems of the world, students will be encouraged to find innovative solutions to address our common concerns.

AUAF Journal Club

Journals are important parts of communities. They are the platform where communities get reflected and the main purpose of the AUAF Journal Club is to publish the AUAF Journal. The AUAF Journal is a student magazine and platform for the reflection of student life in the AUAF. It provide students with opportunity to write for their peers in the university and will help develop their talent and interests in writing, reporting and newsgathering and have their thoughts and works published in an on campus magazine.

Ping Pong/Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis is a fun and calm game where students could compete with each other. There are many students who are interested in playing Table Tennis in AUAF and would like to play this game professionally. Plus this game is good for health.

Entrepreneurship Club(eClub)

The entrepreneurship club aims to serve undergraduate and post graduate students at the AUAF seeking to engage in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The eClub will do this by fostering a strong network of like-minded individuals to provide value to club members, wider university and eventually across the country. We bring together people from across campus in every discipline, from liberal Arts and Sciences to Business and everything in between. Bringing together creative and different points of view is invaluable when forming start-up companies.

Running Club

Running club’s mission is to develop opportunities for AUAF students and staff to involve in sport and physical education. The benefits of these activities are numerous to count. Running club provides an avenue for the members of the AUAF to maintain improve personal fitness and health, both physically and mentally. By creating active yet social atmosphere. Running club is the ideal setting for making friendship, finding inspiration, and rising to meet sell-fulfilling changes.

Languages Club

Languages Club benefits the students and the university in many aspects. Since many students are enthusiastic to learn a new language but due to lack of time and resources they are not able to accomplish their goals of learning foreign languages, it is a great opportunity for them to use and excel their language skills with the flexible timing and on-campus classes. In this era of globalization, having the knowledge of foreign languages is essential for everyone in order to have cultural and social development. The mission of Languages Club is to provide students with the opportunity of learning foreign languages of their interest in campus besides their studies. It brings together students and staff members who want to learn new languages and master the ones that they already know.

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