Student Clubs

Student-sponsored clubs enrich the overall student experience by allowing students to pursue their personal interests outside the classroom. They are an integral part of the learning process. Interest-oriented clubs represent the diversity of professional and extracurricular interests and cultural backgrounds in the AUAF community. AUAF encourages participation in student clubs and the formation of clubs that promote student interests and hobbies and develop their skills. Student clubs that are recognized by the Office of Student Affairs are eligible for funding to assist them with their operating costs. All student club presidents are automatically members of the President’s Council.


Book club

Book club aims to cultivate the passion for books among students. It aims to create a friendly environment where students can come together and discuss their favorite books to not only expand their own literary horizons, but also to contribute to the expansion of the culture of reading among Afghan society. The club is open for all students both expert readers and those who want to get into books. Contact:

Survey Club

The purpose of the Survey Club is to conduct research and survey on different controversial topics. The topics will be selected throughout group discussions and the voted topic must be approved by the faculty advisor. The club will work on various statistical approaches to interpret the data. The final version of the data will be reviewed and revised and the leading members of the club and the advisor will submit the article to the available journals for publication. Contact:

Community Service Club

AUAF Community Service Club (AUAF-CSC) creates opportunities for students to get in touch with the communities outside the university in order to play active roles in bringing a positive change in regard to the needs of the most vulnerable communities. The goal of AUAF-CSC is to empower target groups in need including street kids, families of children who have lost their lives, women, and girls. This enables students to design and implement donation campaigns. The activities of this club would be a donation of clothes and money for street kids, organizing entertainment events for children with disabilities such as book reading, music, etc. Contact:

Peace and Transitional Justice Club

We are establishing the Peace and Transitional Justice Club to foster the culture of non-violence and provide a platform for young intellectuals to engage in the controversial process of peace in Afghanistan. In this club for the first time, we will be introducing the topic of transitional justice. Sustainable and positive peace is not possible without transitional justice. The idea of this club is to contribute to the academic environment of our university by inviting guest speakers, diplomats, and others. Contact:

Video Gaming Club

The primary purpose of this club is to create an opportunity for students to play in groups, have fun and take a break from the daily, socialize and meet new people with similar interests. Also, this club improves the mental skills of the student. These skills include problem-solving skills, memory, concentration, multitasking, dealing with distractions and etc. We will also plan tournaments outside the campus with other universities and colleges. Contact:

Debate and Diplomacy Club:

The AUAF Debate and Diplomacy Club believes in the essence of communication skills for envisioning youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and a noble leader in our society. The principle goal of the debate club is to help students develop their critical thinking skills. This will help them formulate solutions to global, local, or national issues. When students attend debate sessions, they have to speak which boosts their confidence levels, and through interactions with different people and ideas, they increase their own intellectual capacity and knowledge. Contact: Link to Facebook Page:

Speech Club

The main aim of the Speech Club is training students to inform, persuade or entertain an audience and practice the art of public speaking. Our focuses would be on sharing ideas, learning, and inspiring others when practicing public speaking skills. We encourage the students to think of public speaking as a means of civic participation. In other words, public speaking is how we participate in society. It is about how we can get things done, resolve conflicts, address critical issues, confront injustice, pursue our passions, advocate for others, and make the world a better place. Contact: Facebook Link: Instagram Link:

Islamic Club

Provision of Arabic classes and Islamic lecture for students to learn Arabic, through online Arabic classes by a well-known scholar Nouman Ali Khan, and enhance their Islamic studies, by inviting guest speakers. The Arabic classes includes 32 videos that will be played to students twice a week, 3 videos per day, which will help the students to learn Arabic by the end of each semester and able them to understand the contextual meaning of Quran in depth.

Arête Business Club

Arête Business Club’s sole purpose is to enhance the professional skills of business students by engaging them in various types of activities ranging from guest speakers to organizing workshops. We are going to train the students by organizing SPSS workshops, financial calculator workshops, inviting related guest speakers. To sum up, our goals will not only help them learn new skills, but it will be of good use to overcome the obstacles in their professional life. Contact:

Political Science Club

AUAF Political Science club is a non-partisan club and its main objective is to promote political awareness and engagement. National and international guests will be invited to AUAF to share their knowledge about political topics. The club will invite both academicians and policymakers to deliver lectures. These events will help students to directly question the policymakers and other invited guests regarding their performance in the government. Contact: Link to the Facebook Page:

Arts and Mediation Club

The mission of the Arts and Meditation club is to provide its members with a sanctuary to show their individuality, creativity, express their feelings, and meditate/relax from all the tension and pressure of studies through the creation of their own artworks. One of the main goals is to explore various styles of art-making such as painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting, pop arts, and arts through graphic designing. Contact:

ART Club

The AUAF ART CLUB mission is to advance the students’ creativities, talents and capacities. Moreover, it can be used as a general course in humanities for those students who are interested in learning arts in the future. The goals and plans of Art Club is to create a better environment for the students in terms of learning, inspiring and motivating them to perform well in their academic life. It helps the students to be creative in terms of becoming a better problem solver, better connect with their community, expand sense of time, improve self-awareness and expression and stress relief.

Film and Visual Arts Club

Films play an important role in our artistic sense of living and by watching and studying films in detail, we shall be able to think deeply about the concept of arts and the lesson or the message the artists behind a film may wish to deliver to us. We acknowledge that there are many students on the campus who have great interest to know more about visual arts and how to identify them from other forms of arts. Our goal is to make students believe that they should not be an artist to be able to understand or analyze arts. Therefore, we will not have sessions to teach students how to create art; rather, we will have our sessions based on analytical discussions to study art through their social lenses and to theorize the philosophical matters that artworks include. Contact:

Law Student Association

The club is made to help students to improve their knowledge about the field of law by providing them further grounds and exposure to the practice of law. The events include inviting guest speakers, campus events, and organization of moot courts and facilitating visits to courts, prosecution offices, legal clinics, and law firms so that students can observe a practical aspect of the legal field. Contact:

Computer Science Club

The computer science club in collaboration with the Science, Technology, and Mathematics division, has been established to assist students from numerous educational backgrounds, gain information regarding computers and their various applications. Also, we aim to meet this goal by organizing workshops, and educational and social events throughout the year. Having knowledge of computer technology, basic or advanced, can have a number of advantages for students’ careers. Contact: Link to the Facebook Page:

MUN Club

The AUAF MUN (Model United Nations) is a simulation of the United Nations, which is organized by the students of AUAF for the students of AUAF in coordination with the Students Affairs Department. It helps them notion parliamentary behavior in a diplomatic manner. In the simulation of MUN, students will acquire skills such as; public speaking, diplomacy, leadership, debating, and critical thinking. Besides, The MUN Club team will aim to prepare a delegation for the national and international competition with the help of international communities and the Office of Student Affairs. It will help students to have international experience, which will be a great achievement for the AUAF Community. Contact:

AUAF Journal Club

Journals are important parts of communities. They are the platform where communities get reflected and the main purpose of the AUAF Journal Club is to publish the AUAF Journal. The AUAF Journal is a student magazine and platform for the reflection of student life in the AUAF. It provide students with opportunity to write for their peers in the university and will help develop their talent and interests in writing, reporting and newsgathering and have their thoughts and works published in an on campus magazine.

Newspaper Club

AUAF Newspaper Club aims to provide a platform for students who are good at writing or interested in journalism to write, debate and read about all the issues and news that matter to them. It will allow students to learn how to layout a newspaper and sub-edit a copy. Our vision is to give a voice for all AUAF students to share their thoughts about their local and national concerns. Besides, it can be an excellent professional experience for students and can assist them in finding better jobs. Contact:

Entrepreneurship Club(eClub)

We provide the chance for all the population of the American university of Afghanistan by establishing Entrepreneurs Club. Having such a club, we prepare the whole population of the university in stages to be able to change their ideas into actual reality. This club would help, categorically, to understand the basic contents of the entrepreneurship and get rid of those common assumptions that exist among many of us. Contact:

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