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Career and Work-Study Services

The Career and Work-Study Services Office is available to help students in their career choices and in finding positions after they graduate. The office coordinates student employment on and off campus and also assists with internship placement related to the student’s degree choices. The office also advises and counsels students in regard to career choices, assists students in résumé and curriculum vitae preparation and organizes career fairs. The office also assists students considering graduate schools.

Work-Study Policies and Procedures 2015

Work Study Application Form 2015

Work Student Position Request Form 2015

Work Study Agreement 2015

Work Study Overtime Authorization Form 2015



New Work-Study Opportunity for AUAF Students: 


The Office of Student Affairs is happy to announce the launch of the Peer Mentoring Program in January 2016. The program is designed to create an inclusive, family-like community on campus, and will pair up new students with more senior students for Spring 2016 semester! 





1. Who is a Peer Mentor?


A Peer Mentor is another student who can serve as a resource, a helping hand, and a referral service for new students. The job of a peer mentor is to provide support, encouragement, and information to first-year, first-semester students.  A good mentor is familiar with university policies and procedures, degree plans, academic requirements, extra-curricular activities, services and resources available on campus, and can direct students to someone who can properly address their concerns. All peer mentors will receive a special training in mid-January 2016. Peer mentors can be referred to as Big Sisters and Big Brothers! 


2. What are the Benefits of Becoming a Peer Mentor?


There are so many...


You will receive a financial compensation (worth of 10 hours of work per week) towards your tuition fee, phone cards that should cover your calls for one semester, free stationary (planners, notebooks, USB, markets, and many more), AUAF mug, Peer Mentor's T-shirt and bag, Peer Mentor's certificate, but more importantly you will benefit from a unique leadership experience that will make your CV stand out, receive special recognition for your service to fellow students and to AUAF, and expand the circle of your friends! 


3. Who Can Become a Peer Mentor? 


1.         If you are a sophomore, a junior or a senior student with a GPA of 3.0 or above… 

2.         If you are active in clubs and different initiatives on campus…

3.         If you are willing to commit to 10 hours of work per week…

4.         If you are mostly available on Tuesdays in Spring 2016 semester…

5.         If you find working with other students enjoyable and rewarding then... 


                                    ...YOU CAN BECOME A PEER MENTOR! 


We are looking to hire 5 female and 5 male Peer Mentors. If interested, send your CV (include your student ID) and a brief cover letter explaining why you would make a good Peer Mentor to Anna Starostina no later than January 9th, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview in mid-January 2016. Selected Peer Mentors will receive a special training in mid-late January 2016. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask Anna (Faculty Building 1, office F-11).


We look forward to receiving your applications!