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All major Procurement Announcements and Requests for Quotations and Proposals for purchases will ordinarily be announced on this web site and on ACBAR (www.acbar.org) for full and open competition. Solicitations for proposals and quotations may also be announced in local newspapers.  Only sealed bids that follow the bidding procedures stated in the announcement will be accepted.

Open Solicitations:

  1. AUAF-RFP-16-001 - ICAWED Website Development
  2. AUAF-RFQ-17-007 -SKL LED Street Lights
  3. AUAF-RFQ-17-010 -Electrical Light Poles Material 
  4. AUAF-RFP-17-002 - Security Alarm & Public Address System
  5. AUAF-RFP-17-003 - Grocery Store Operator at AUAF
  6. AUAF-RFQ-17-013 - Provision and Installation of Twisted Cable and Razor Wire
  7. AUAF-RFQ-17-020 - Provision of IT Equipment
  8. AUAF-RFQ-17-024 - Provision of Toners for One Year 
  9. AUAF-RFQ-17-032 - Supply of Diesel Fuel  
  10. AUAF-RFQ-17-035 - Provision of SKL LED Street Lights








Questions? Send AUAF’s Procurement Office an email