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Swedish Ambassador Delivers a Lecture at AUAF

On April 12, 2016, The Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan H.E. Anders Sjoberg visited the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). The Ambassador arrived at the International Campus early in the afternoon, where he was welcomed and given a campus tour by AUAF Founder and Professor of Humanities, Dr. Sharif Fayez; Communications Director of the University, Shamroz Khan Masjidi, and Development and Alumni Manager, Edrees Kakar.

Followed by the tour, Ambassador Sjoberg delivered a lecture, as part of the International Forum Lecture Series initiative of the university on "Swedish Foreign Policy Based on Equality". The lecture was delivered in four parts, Sweden's History, Sweden and Afghan relations, Sweden feminist foreign policy, and Migration.

Ambassador Sjoberg talked about key actions and policies that Sweden had to take and adopt to ensure its success. Those actions and policies includes education, abolishment of censor ship, free trade, peace and stability, Industrial development, & membership in the European Union.

He spoke about the long lasting relationship of Sweden and Afghanistan and said that last year they celebrated 75 years of diplomatic relationship at Presidential Palace of Afghanistan. He highlighted some of the key support that has been provided to Afghanistan by Sweden. He said in 1980s, when Afghanistan was struggling with the Soviet occupation, Swedish committee settled here helped build school and health clinics for Afghans.

 "We have been part of international coalition, our participation has rested on three pillars, diplomacy, Support of the security sector and development assistance, "said Ambassador Sjoberg. "We have committed to support Afghanistan for the next 10 years with development support and we will focus on three principle areas; empowerment of women, education, and economic development."

He ended his lecture talking about the recently adopted feminist foreign policy of his country. He said since 2014, Sweden is pursuing this new feminist foreign policy, and this policy rests on understanding that all individuals, men and women are equal and should be treated equally. " It rests on improving the situation for women and ensuring better equality and society," said Ambassador Sjoberg.

The lecture was concluded with a short Q&A session with students.