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Professional Development Certification Training Program (PDCTP) by ICAWED of American University of Afghanistan

Professional Development Certification Training Program (PDCTP) by ICAWED of American University of Afghanistan

The International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development at AUAF held a 21 days workshop for provincial women entrepreneurs which were introduced by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation  and Development (MRRD), Provincial Departments of Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and through outreach events conducted by ICAWED in various provinces. A total of 50 women came together in Kabul to participate in this workshop from over 20 different provinces. The program covered aspects such as Management and Leadership, Marketing and Branding, Accounting and Business Communications.

Women’s economic development is part of national development in great extent in Afghanistan. Interested Afghan businesswomen can play a significant role in this sector through which not only women but families are empowered. “My business might be small but it is huge for me and my family” said Mehnaz who owns a handicraft business and is one of the participants of this workshop. This program has been able to show business women different tactics to expand their businesses and grow their sales and market share.

Small businesses such as Freshta’s which is preservation of yogurt and pickles is paving the way for other women to join in and empower each other. This program has been able to help women like Freshta to propose their business plans and receive funding from different sources to grow their businesses. Business communication has been one of the focus areas of study during this workshop.

On June 22nd, marking the end of the program, a graduation ceremony was held for all the participants of the workshop and certificates were distributed. The vice president of AUAF Mr. Michael Holmes as well as the director of ICAWED Ms. Nadia Behboodi delivered their remarks and emphasized on AUAF’s continued commitment to empowering business women of Afghanistan.

This training was funded by United States Embassy in Kabul, Public Affairs Section.