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Mr. David Sedney becomes Acting President

25 September 2016

This is to inform you that the Board of Trustees has appointed Mr. David Sedney as Acting President effective September 25, 2016. He will replace Dr. Mark English who resigned as President for personal reasons on September 24th.  We are confident that Mr. Sedney’s vast experience and strong commitment to the mission of the university will guide us successfully through challenges we face. 

Mr. Sedney wants to thank all of you for your courage and commitment in the face of recent events. He is committed, as we all are, to ensuring that we are worthy of the sacrifices that our killed and injured students and colleagues made.

Mr. Sedney arrived in Kabul on September 22nd and met immediately with representatives of the families of those killed and injured in the attacks.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Sedney conveyed condolences on their losses and a commitment to the future of the University. Along with representatives of the Board and University is meeting with the families to assure them of our continued support during this difficult time.  Mr. Sedney would like to meet and hear from as many members of the University community to help advise him on how we can face these challenges and move forward into the future.  He knows that you all have questions about what happens next and following the consultations with the community will announce on Thursday September 29th our plans for the continued operations of the University.

I am sure that all faculty, staff and students, as well as the wider AUAF community, will support Mr. Sedney.  A biographic sketch of Mr. David Sedney is available here.

The Board of Trustees will remain in close contact with Mr. Sedney and the AUAF Administration to support and assist in every way possible. 


Michael Holmes

Vice President of Operations


Dari Translation of this message can be seen here.