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AUAF Reopening Slated for March

27 December 2016

After much careful consideration of the security situation, senior administration at AUAF have decided to postpone the reopening of AUAF until March 2017. The following is the message from Acting President David Sedney regarding the postponement.

"As the year 2016 is coming to an end, I want to thank our students, their families, our faculty and staff, and the broader AUAF community, for their courage, dedication and patience over the past few months. I want to assure you that we have been working hard with unwavering commitment towards our recovery and reopening and I am grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from our supporters and friends in Afghanistan and around the world.

During my time as Acting President I have had the chance to meet many of you and, when we reopen, I look forward to meeting many more.  I am repeatedly impressed by your accomplishments – students who have taken on the challenges of on-line learning, faculty who have stretched themselves to adopt a new way of teaching, and staff who are doing so much each day towards reopening the university.  It has been great to see our student clubs excelling nationally and internationally, to see students taking exams, and to hear the message to over 500 students, faculty and staff last month from President Ghani and CEO Abdullah about their support for AUAF and the key role they see for AUAF in the present and future of Afghanistan.  All of this shows a broad commitment to making the University a stronger and better place – a goal we all share. 

To be that stronger, better university, our number one priority is security.  We must take all necessary steps to provide a safe and secure environment for the entire AUAF community.  When we reopen, we will be operating under a very different security structure, with major improvements in security infrastructure and new, stricter security policies for students and staff.  Some of these changes are in place, others are taking longer than we would like.  Some key security improvements will not be complete by our hoped-for reopening in late January. 

Therefore, we will have to move the opening of the spring semester and a full schedule of classes to late March.  Our current plan is begin the spring semester in March and to complete the full 16-week semester in July.  We also hope to hold a limited session, similar to the planned Summer I session, in February.  We will be sending out more detailed plans in early January. 

I understand this will be disappointing news to the entire AUAF community, particularly our students and their families.  However, ensuring a safe and secure environment when we reopen is of paramount importance.  I can assure you that we are working hard to meet our security goals as soon as possible.

Students who have registered for the spring semester will be able to keep their current schedule; it will be shifted to the new start date.  Once we confirm the short semester we will open registration for that session.  Detailed class schedule with any changes will be distributed later in January. As always, students can view their course schedule online through PowerCampus Self-Service.

The University remains committed to its mission, its students and the people of Afghanistan as an Afghan institution dedicated to providing an international–standard education of the highest possible quality.  We know that we are making a positive difference in the lives of our students and in helping to shape a better future for Afghanistan and the region.

I am grateful to your support and understanding of these new changes and schedules. As the Afghan saying goes, Der ayad durust ayad  - Come late but come right! We are committed to resuming on campus classes this spring. Yes it will take a little bit longer, but AUAF is coming back better and stronger than ever before.  I thank you for your part in making that a reality.

Best wishes,

David S. Sedney

Acting President

American University of Afghanistan