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International Center For Afghan Women's Economic Development Celebrates Women's Entrepreneurship Day

On  November 19, 2015, International Center for Afghan Women's Economic Development (ICAWED) at the American University of Afghanistan celebratedWomen's Entrepreneurship Day. The event was attended by Dr. Mark A. English, President of the University, Zakia Soleiman, Director of ICAWED, Afghan Business Women's Federation(ABWF), Artimes Alumni, Graduates of Goldman Sacks 10,000 Business Women , Graduates and Participants from ICAWED's Professional Development Certification  Training Program and 40 women entrepreneurs from different business  sectors. 

The event began with the welcoming remarks by Dr. English. He highlighted the key role women play in economic stability of the country.

"Women's Entrepreneurship Day is an international initiative which seeks to bring to the forefront of the global agenda the conversation around supporting, empowering and mobilizing women entrepreneurs," said Dr. English. "Today we pay tribute to those individuals who have played a vital role in economic stability of Afghanistan despite facing challenges, hardships and discrimination  from the society."

Zakia Soleiman talked about the aim of the event, how ICAWED helps women entrepreneurs from different sectors to exchange ideas and connect with each other, and emphasized on women's contribution to economic development as an essential factor towards sustainability of the country.

"On women's entrepreneurship day,  the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, ideas are shared which can drive economic growth and expand human welfare," said Mrs. Soleiman.  "Women's economic independence will lead to economic empowerment and will  help women in making decisions that they are not able to make due to economic dependency on male members of families."

In her speech, Ms. Zakia Roshan, one of the women entrepreneur participants expressed her gratitude to AUAF and ICAWED for providing professional development certification training.

 "The role of ICAWED is to provide leadership and support to women entrepreneurs, and other capacity building programs and its trainings have assisted me on understanding business and I have applied skills learned  into my business." Said Ms. Roshan.

The event concluded with a networking session where business women had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their businesses to each other. They discussed the challenges they face in accessing markets to sale their products. Many business women showed interest in joining ICAWED's Professional Development Certification Training Program in order to enhance their business skills.