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ICAWED Welcomes a New Executive Director

24 October 2016

The International Center for Afghan Women's Economic Development (ICAWED) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nadia Behboodi as its new Executive Director.  Nadia is a native of Kabul, but spent her formative years as a refugee in neighboring countries where she completed her secondary education.  A Fulbright scholar, she attended Brandeis University in the US where she received a Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development. She also earned her Master of Science in Poverty Reduction and Development Management from Birmingham University in the UK.

Nadia brings a wide range of experience to her new job.  Prior to ICAWED, she was the Project Manager of the UNDP’s EGEMA (Enhancing Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Afghanistan) Project and advocated for policy level interventions, social-cultural change, economic empowerment of women, and building a pool of gender experts through a Gender Studies Masters program. She has also worked for the Department for International Development (DFID) and performed in a technical advisory role in the field of social development. As Social Development Advisor from 2011-2013, she provided technical services for the design and implementation of programs dealing with poverty eradication, gender mainstreaming, civil society strengthening, governance and reform, livelihood, and empowerment and accountability.  Her employment history also includes UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and Paris21.

Nadia has more than 10 years of work experience in policy and program development at the national level in the development sector of Afghanistan. She has expertise in strategic and evidence-based planning and implementation, strategic partnership, reform and good governance, poverty reduction, gender and human rights, organizational development, and social accountability. She has quantitative and qualitative analytical skills and does research in social development. Nadia has attended conferences in the UK, Turkey and Vietnam where she presented the results of her research.  A strong and determined advocate for Afghan women, Nadia believes that, “ending economic disadvantages faced by women not only yields better standards of living for Afghans, but also  remains a strong tool for lasting peace and stability.”