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ICAWED Hosts "Lean In Circle"

10 November 2016

On November 9, 2016, the AUAF International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development hosted its first “Lean In Circle”, after establishing what is believed to be the first “Lean In Chapter” in Afghanistan. Made famous by Sheryl Sandberg’s Best Selling book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together. Hosted by AUAF Women’s Center Executive Director, Nadia Behboodi, fifteen Afghan women business leaders participated in the discussion, held on the campus of the American University of Afghanistan.

AUAF plans to connect with women on two levels of engagement.  Behboodi explains, “We’re meeting with women business leaders with the objective of facilitating women to reach their ambition through their businesses, mostly through job creation and skills development. We’re also in touch with the professional women’s network to support women's role in decision making and leadership positions. Lean In Circles gives us the framework to discuss mentoring, fundraising and knowledge building. Women who attend these meetings plan to participate in international conferences, and engage in research projects related to gender, fundraising and lobbying among external politicians to get women into decision making levels. Lean In provides valuable discussion to help in this preparation.”

To find out how to participate in Lean In Circles, please contact Nadia Behboodi at nbehboodi@auaf.edu.af