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In May 2015, the Academic Council in Georgetown School of Foreign Services organized a book drive for the Bernice Nachman Marlowe Library of American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). The book drive was organized in coordination with AUAF’s Office of Development and Senior Associate Dean of Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Professor James Reardon Anderson. Donated books were shipped to Kabul by Friends of AUAF in Washington, D.C.

The book drive is a great example of how students anywhere in the world can help support education in Afghanistan. The American University of Afghanistan has more than 13,000 print materials and access to multiple electronic databases. The books donated by students in Georgetown will greatly help students with their research and study on various subjects.

“On behalf of the Library, I want to thank the Georgetown students for their contributions and interest in supporting AUAF, and the Friends for their logistical support” said Dr. Rebecca Miller, Library Director.

According to Mr. G. Sarwar Sultani, currently managing the Alumni Relation in American University of Afghan, “There is a lot of potential for further cooperation between Georgetown and the American University of Afghanistan. Besides doing the book drive, we have successfully organized two video conferences with Georgetown University. This is a good start.”

Mr. Sultani, a Georgetown alumnus hopes to strengthen partnership with Georgetown and continue to explore the possibilities of student exchange programs and on-line courses

“Institutional priority increase enhance, and diversify the resources at AUAF to students to enhance student academic experience,” said John Pinna, Vice President of Development. “Mr. Sultani and Dr. Miller’s approach to build AUAF’s library capacity through collaborating with other institutions is a wonderful example of the innovative approaches staff, students, and faculty takes to maintain AUAF’s reputation as a cutting edge institution.”

The initiative undertaken by the Georgetown students resulted in the library receiving over 159 titles that will significantly expand the library’s collection, especially in political science.  The library will have a display of selected titles after books are processed.