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Employee of the Year Award Ceremony and Townhall Meeting

AUAF Hosts Employee of the Year Award Ceremony On September 3rd, 2015, the American University of Afghanistan hosted it first Employee of the Year Award ceremony. It was held at the International campus and attended by AUAF's faculty and staff.

The event commenced after AUAF's third Town Hall meeting. Dr. Mark A. English, President of the university, welcomed everybody and discussed his vision and future plans of the university. “Today we are here to see how we can grow as a school," said Mark A. English." AUAF should be more than just an academic institution; we should become an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of Afghanistan."

Dr. English highlighted AUAF's success in his presentation and talked about his key priorities. "Today we will discuss what we have done, what we are doing, and what we should do." He engaged with AUAF staff and faculty in questions & answers session, and thanked all for their inputs in the town hall meetings.

The second half of the event started with the introduction to the Employee of the Year Award ceremony. Waheedullah Noori, Director of HR, spoke about the importance of the award. "The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have worked hard behind the scene," said Mr. Noori. " Employee motivation is essential as it leads to good moral and productivity."

The President's Merit Award was for the recognition of several administrative staff members for their outstanding service to the university. Outstanding Employee of the Year Award was to recognize that one staff member who has excellent attendance, exceptional performance appraisal ratings, no written warning on file, no complaints filed.

Best employees from each department crossed the stage one by one as their names were called by Mr. Noori, receiving their certificates from Dr. English. In close ranking with Abdul Wakil, Head of drivers, Samad Khan Ghafoori, Senior Finance Manager, was awarded Outstanding Employee of the year Award.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. English requested staff and faculty to help students, those in financial need, by contributing money. He asked everybody to start thinking of ways that can improve AUAF as a school. Dr. English said, "town hall meetings are the beginning of us making an impact."