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Completion of the Provision of the Preparatory Course for Masters of Arts Degree MoI-UNDP Project for MA in Law Enforcement Project

17th, May, 2017


On May 9, 2017, forty instructors from the National Police Academy and Staff College of the Ministry of Interior graduated from preparatory course for Masters programs at the Professional Development Institute of American University of Afghanistan. Among them, twenty five instructors were accepted into the Master of Arts in Education and Law Enforcement program at the university.

Funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and implemented by the Professional Development Institute of AUAF, the program hopes to assist Afghanistan in raising the capacity of its police force. The preparatory coursework included English for Law Enforcement, Introduction to Graduate Studies, and Customized Computer Literacy. Participants went through an extensive Academic Boot Camp to prepare for a full master’s program and found the coursework beneficial to their professional and personal development.

“At the Police Academy, we do not have access to technology and English language resources. This was a good opportunity for us to get introduced to that and other new tools and skills. We are excited to go back and share this knowledge with others at the academy,” Maryam Rezai, one of the instructors at the Police Academy, said.

In addition to equipping the instructors of the National Police Academy with new skills, this program celebrates the resilience of the AUAF community. After the tragic terror attack on the university last year, this program was only operation that resumed immediately. The university was able to conduct the placement test for 40 shortlisted candidates on 31st of August, 2016. The Academic Boot Camp started on 25th October 2016 and was completed on January 29th 2017. Participants who succeeded in the entrance exam for the Masters’ degree are hoping to start their program in the coming semester.