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AUAF Student Olympics 2017

30, May, 2017

The first annual AUAF Olympics started on May 2nd and went on till May 18th. Open to both male and female students, the events included Ping pong, running events, bicycle racing, badminton, volleyball, soccer, an obstacle course, and chess. The AUAF Olympics is an opportunity to get everyone involved in group sports, develop team work skills and friendships, and take a break before midterms. Around a total of 75 students participated in different teams and competed. The winning teams and individuals received medals and trophies. The Olympics, arranged by the Student Affairs Department came to an end on with a closing ceremony on May 18th after several days of continuous matches among the teams.

 Behroz Sidiqi AUAF Business student and winner of three gold medals at the Olympics said: The AUAF Olympics was a very good challenge for me as an athletic sportsman. While my dream is to bring gold medals for my country in the future, I am grateful for winning three gold medals at the AUAF Olympics. Being able to play sports on campus and build relationships through friendly matches and games add to the value of AUAF as an academic institution.