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AUAF Senior Administration Meetings with High School Principals in Kabul

26 January 2017

On 23rd and 25th of January, the Admissions Office of AUAF hosted principals from high schools in Kabul in two different meetings. The aim of these meetings was to enhance cooperative efforts with other educational institutions in educating Afghanistan’s future leaders. AUAF Senior Administration including Mr. David Sedney, the acting president of AUAF, Dr. Sharif Fayez, AUAF Founder, and Dr. Timor Saffary, Provost participated in the meetings. The principals and the senior admin team of AUAF had valuable discussions on the challenges the education sector is facing in Afghanistan and agreed to explore opportunities for future collaborations.  AUAF hopes that educational institutions in the country will continue to work side by side and form a stronger alliance in educating forward looking and skilled future leaders for the country.