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AUAF Secures the Highest Score for the Second Phase of the National Accreditation Process

The American University of Afghanistan has been working closely with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education’s Directorate of Quality Improvement and Accreditation (EQIA) in its efforts to seek national accreditation.  This process was first initiated in 2013, and in 2014, the university successfully passed the first candidacy level.  In 2015, a second self-assessment report was submitted as part of AUAF’s efforts to seek level 2 candidacy.  This was followed by a peer-reviewed site visit to AUAF by members of the EQIA team in April, 2016.  Based on the outcomes of our self-assessment reports and the site visit, AUAF has been ranked the highest among all private and public universities in Afghanistan. This ranking is a great honor and privilege as it validates our commitment and efforts to provide world-class education to our students, to foster a culture of inclusiveness, critical thinking and to help prepare them as future scholars, leaders and professionals for Afghanistan. As we now prepare for the final stages of the accreditation process, we want to take this opportunity to show gratitude towards the Ministry of Higher Education, in particular towards EQIA, for their continuous dedication to improving the status and quality of higher education in Afghanistan.