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AUAF Promotes Equality Through “Video-Contest”

On November 3, 2015, the Students Government Association (SGA) of the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)  in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs initiated a campaign to increase awareness about harassment and called for application for One-Minute Video Contest on "Harassment".

Only three teams could meet the deadlines and submitted their final videos to the Office of Student Affairs on November 29. The videos were evaluated by a committee of three based on creativity, content, execution, use of language, and effects.

Ms. Hamida Qanbari was declared as the winner of the contest. The videos were screened on two different occasions in the campus and Ms. Hamida’s contributions were acknowledged by Dr. Mark A. English, President of the University. As declared in the announcement, Ms. Hamida received $300 USD and a certificate of appreciation from Dr. English. The winning video is available on AUAF Youtube channel, and will be promoted through the AUAF Facebook Page for one year.

"Harassment can occur anywhere, in any situation, it is important to maintain an environment that encourages and fosters appropriate conduct among all students and respect for individual values." Said Ms. Qanbari.

Ms. Qanbari also added that she would appreciate if the Office of Student Affairs and SGA engage more students in a contest like this, and help students respect each other’s gender, ethnicity, and national origin. She said discrimination or harassment is in contradiction with all desirable human values and should not be tolerated.

In order to support this cause, Javad Ahmadi, Director of Student Affairs, said that this is our social responsibility and we are proud that we are contributing back to the communities we come from.

 “We don’t only focus on the education of our students, but also we strive to empower our students to improve the quality of life in the campus and in their communities, " said Mr. Ahmadi. " Contests as such, will not only affect the quality of life in the campus, but when it is promoted through the Facebook page and website to the wider audience, it is going to impact and inspire the quality of many people’s lives."

The purpose of the contest was to have students broadcast their thoughts and get involved with the opportunity that can significantly improve the quality of life at AUAF and to promote tranquility and equality.