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On June 27, 2015 American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) organized its first Annual Eid festival. The event was envisioned and organized by the Student Affairs Department and Students Government Association (SGA).

As the festival commenced, groups of students from North, East, West, Southeast and Central Afghanistan started setting up tables to showcase their different traditional clothes, food, jewelry, and handicrafts. Participants celebrated the diversity of each other’s culture making up the campus community through performance, food, and presentations. Students had the chance to observe and enjoy the variety of different traditions and food.

“The festival was an opportunity to celebrate the unity of diverse Afghan culture under one roof” said Samira Abrar, President of SGA. She added, “This is one way that students understand and learn to appreciate each other’s unique cultures. I believe this is crucial for personal and community growth.”

Four judges including the Vice President of Development of the University, Mr. John T. Pinna; Director of Student Affairs, Mohammad Javad Ahmadi; Student Affairs Specialist, Cara Power; and MBA Program Coordinator, Mohabatullah Ahmadi; evaluated and scored each groups’ presentation, performance, food, and clothing. As part of the Eid festival, several groups performed. The Southwest region organized and showcased the national dance of the country, Attan, and all teams jointly performed the Qarsak.

“I believe it is very important to recognize, respect, and celebrate cultural diversity among students,” said Ahmad Javad Ahmadi. Mr. Ahmadi added, “Eid Festival was a wonderful event in which our students had the opportunity to celebrate Eid al-Fitr together, represent their provincial culture, and learn about other provinces through food, dress, and traditional performance.”

Groups performed well and the ranking was so close that judges had hard time choosing the winners. Mr. Pinna announced the event’s winning teams. The first place was awarded to the central region following by the southwest coming in close second and north came in third place. The event was concluded by providing the winning teams with prizes and awards.