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AUAF Organizes an Art Exhibition

American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) hosted an historic art exhibit that brought together talented artists from Kabul and Herat Universities for a unique program from Oct. 27th through 28, 2015 at AUAF’s main campus.  Additional artistic contributions included pieces from Mr. Nik Muhammad Mustamand Ghori, Turquoise Mountain, and Atlas Edge art house to represent the wider art community. 

The exhibition kicked off a reception in the evening of October 27th,  which was sponsored by Afghanistan International Bank, Afghan Wireless Communication Company, Turquoise Mountain, Institut Francais Afghanistan , and Yaraan by Roshan.  The panel of honored guest speakers included Dr. H. Mohammad Qayoumi, Chief Adviser to the President, Ambassador Massoud Khalili, Afghanistan Ambassador to Spain, Professor Alem Farhad ,Dean of Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University, Professor Towfiq Rahmani, Dean of Fine Arts Faculty of Herat University, and Dr. Sharif Fayez, Founder of AUAF, who all spoke passionately of the importance of preserving Afghanistan’s history of art. 

President of AUAF, Dr. Mark English, highlighted the underlying significance of the premier partnership between major institutions of higher education across Afghanistan through such initiatives.

 "This collaboration is yet another example of the synergies that can be achieved from different universities that share the same goals of appreciation for the arts and preservation of the culture with a genuine willingness to participate in the engagement and integration into the fabric of Afghanistan’s society… My ultimate recognition is to the artists and the art professors who, despite many obstacles, remain committed to their passion of showing the world their perspective so that we may also perhaps see the world a little differently”.

Dr. Qayoumi spoke about the importance of art in human life and stated that "art connects humans with their humanity”. 

Both Professor Farhad and Professor Rahmani expressed their gratitude to the artists for their exceptional work while Ambassador Khalili reiterated the significance and importance of the history and heritage of Afghanistan captured and preserved through the arts.

The artists, who were comprised of seasoned professors along with their student apprentices from the different institutions, had the opportunity to engage with the guests, discuss their work, and find a good home for some of their masterpieces that were sold during the program.  The evening was complete with an exceptional musical piece performed by the professors from the music department from Kabul University.  AUAF is pleased to have hosted such a historical program and we look forward to moving forward in the direction of promoting dialogue, preservation of Afghan culture and presenting a unique medium of storytelling through art.