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AUAF Organizes a Photo Exhibition

American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) organized an historic photo exhibit that brought together talented artists for a unique program from Feb. 16th through 17, 2016 at AUAF’s main campus.  The  Office of the Student Affairs  in coordination with Kapila organized this exhibition under the title of "New Angels from Hidden Lives".

The exhibition kicked off with a reception in the evening of February 16, attended by Lynne O'Donnell; Bureau Chief at Associated Press Kabul, Masood Hussaini; Chief Photographer at Associated Press Kabul , Dr. Mark English; AUAF President, Sahra Karimi, Communication Officer at UNICEF, and AUAF staff and students.

The event commenced by  the welcoming remarks by Mohabbat Ahmadi; Student Development Specialist. Mr. Ahmadi introduced the speakers, Mr. Hussaini and Ms. Karimi.

In his speech, Mr. Hussaini provided information about the technical details, and effects of the pictures. He spoke about history of photography in Afghanistan, and said " in the past all the pictures were of  battle field, guns, and victims of wars while the present pictures represent the smile and happiness on the faces of Afghans."

At the end of inaugural ceremony,  Ms. Sahra Karimi, the first Afghan women who has a PhD in cinema and has 30 short fiction films and won 27 international prizes, talked about the pictures and the challenges faced by Afghan women in different provinces. " It is very important for the Afghan government to support female photographers," she says.

This Photo Exhibition was about an artistic journey started from Kabul to Bamyan, then passed Baba Mountains, and finally reached Daikundi province. Most of the photos were captured by a group of five girls, Zahra Khodadadi, Wiga Moqaribi, Nilofar Nikpoor, Tahira Rezaie, from Kapila. This Photo Exhibition continued for one week, and at the end of the exhibition the photos were placed for sale.