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AUAF Enters 3rd Phase of Accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education

8 November 2016

In July 2016, AUAF successfully passed the second phase of accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), receiving the highest marks of any public or private university in Afghanistan participating in the accreditation process. Now AUAF has entered the third phase of the process by depositing the required report and accompanying documents to the Ministry on 1 November 2016.  

Participating in the MoHE accreditation process shows our commitment to work collaboratively with all departments and meet and exceed the standards set forth by Afghanistan. In light of this commitment, AUAF formed the Center of Quality Assurance aimed at conducting a comprehensive review of our academic excellence and quality.

This most recent submission to the MoHE confirms that we are on the right track. The university’s collective hard work over the past three years has culminated in our ability to complete this process. Every member of the AUAF community - faculty, students, alumni, staff and administration - has a share in this accomplishment.

While celebrating this achievement, we remain focused on maintaining our position as the leading university in Afghanistan through this last phase of the accreditation process by continuing to provide international academic standards and quality teaching. 

We welcome the upcoming site visit in 2017 as we move to completing the national accreditation process.