Importance of Accountancy Profession for Afghanistan's Business Market

On 14th September, AUAF's Business Department and Arete Club organized a virtual lecture with Mr. Zarif Ludin, Head of Marketing Partnership for ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Afghanistan to discuss the "Importance of Accountancy Profession for Afghanistan's Business Market".
Mr. Ludin leads and develops strategic partnerships with national accountancy bodies, regional accountancy organizations, governmental regulators (e.g. Ministry of Finance, Supreme Audit Office, and Central Bank) and donors. He emphasized that there are significant career opportunities in accounting in Afghanistan. 
Mr. Ludin was a ACCA lecturer at AUAF from 2011-2014 and remains an admirer of how AUAF educates young, enthusiastic future leaders.
He stressed the importance of sustainable organizations and the ability to adapt to changes that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the vital role that education plays in shaping a professional accountant, that protects and promotes the language of the business and the external and internal communication between the business industry. Mr. Ludin expressed his concern over the lack of professional accountants, in Afghanistan, who are familiar with international standards and policies on ethics and international accounting procedures. This lack of knowledge can lead to corruption in public and private sectors.
Participating students enjoyed a wide ranging discussion with Mr. Ludin during a Q & A session. AUAF is proud of its continuous partnership with ACCA, and thanks Mr. Ludin for his insightful presentation of ACCA’s vital programs.
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