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How to Donate

The American University of Afghanistan was established as a result of the generosity of both Afghan and American donors. As a private university, it relies on contributions from governments, organizations, and private individuals, both in Afghanistan and around the world, to continue providing high-quality education to Afghanistan’s future leaders. Interested in supporting Afghanistan’s only non-profit, non-partisan, and co-educational university? Take a look at the below options for supporting AUAF and see which one matches your interests.

General donations to the university can be made here via the Friends of the American University of Afghanistan, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC.

Scholarships and Financial Aid


General Scholarship Fund
Any amount of money, large or small, can be donated to our general scholarship fund. This fund is for students who are not recipients of full scholarships, but still require some form of financial aid in order to attend AUAF. Donations can be made through our 501(c)3 fundraising arm, the Friends of AUAF, here.

One-Year Scholarships
$10,000 will fully support one AUAF student with tuition, room, and board for one full academic year.

Endowed Named Scholarships
Generations of Afghan students will benefit from the generosity of an endowed scholarship in the amount of $250,000. The interest accrued from the scholarship will fund the education for one student each year, for as long as the university is in operation. An endowment may be named by the donor and can be tailored to focus on areas of particular interest, such a student’s major, place of origin (province), or gender. Donors will also receive regular updates from sponsored students.

President’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $1 million will provide the highest level of scholarship to five outstanding students in need of substantial financial aid each and every year.

Trustee’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $500,000 will provide each year a scholarship to two or more AUAF students in need of substantial financial aid.

Scholars’ Fund
The students of AUAF are Afghanistan’s future visionaries. However, for many students life is tough. Behind their bright faces are often distressing stories of multiple commitments, financial constraints, and sleepless nights. Many students work two or three jobs to earn enough to support their education. Their nightly 5-hours of work (after full-time classes during the day) may earn as little as $100 USD a month. However, these students are determined. They remain hopeful of future opportunities.

The support that AUAF students receive today will have a lifelong impact. AUAF faculty and staff are first-hand witnesses to the talent and potential of the student population.

The Scholars’ Fund allows for faculty and staff to provide financial support to students who would otherwise not be able to attend AUAF. The Fund goes towards assisting students in financial need. The fund is formed solely from the generous contributions of faculty and staff.

Last year, in its first year of operation, the fund reached $26,000. This year, the fund is already at $51,000. No amount is too small. Individuals make monthly contributions or one-time gifts. Presently, monthly contributions by faculty and staff range from $10 all the way to $1000. Contributors may also earmark funds to a particular student if they so desire. U.S. citizens are eligible for a charitable deduction for U.S. tax purposes (learn more).

With your help, AUAF can work to ensure that all students – regardless of their financial situation – have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become Afghanistan’s future leaders.

Contribution Form

Expanding our Campus

AUAF’s unprecedented growth has made for an unexpected predicament: the original five-acre campus on the west side of Darulaman Road has now swelled almost beyond capacity. The university is proceeding urgently with construction on an adjacent 80-acre tract of land, its new International Campus. The International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development has recently opened, while construction on faculty and staff housing and a major classroom building are underway.

This spectacular piece of land is waiting to be developed into a fully functioning university, which will include a library, student center, cafeteria, and student residence halls. All of these facilities offer opportunities for a variety of naming possibilities.

Female Dormitories
$2 million will fund one dormitory for female students. This building will provide a secure, affordable and culturally-appropriate living environment which today’s leading Afghan female students can call home while studying in Kabul.

Library, Student Center, and Cafeteria
$8 million will fund the premier structure on the International Campus, which will house not only the finest university library in Afghanistan but also AUAF’s Student Affairs and programs offices. The student government, student clubs and activities, counseling and student support, career development and placement, and the Alumni Association will be housed in this building, in addition to the cafeteria.

Arts and Sciences Building
$5 million will fund the facility which will serve as the foundation for all the university’s degree certification. This building will be home for all programs in the arts and sciences.

Business and Law Center
$5 million will fund the construction of this center. Business is the most popular major among undergraduate students, and the recently added MBA program is considered the best of its kind in the nation. Partnering with Stanford has allowed the university to expand its degree programs to include law.

Gymnasium and Student Health & Recreation Center
$4 million will cover the costs of building a center where students will be able to enjoy a rich program of intramural athletics. The space will provide areas for soccer, cricket, volleyball, and badminton.

Faculty Housing
Each $50,000 donation will pay for one unit of faculty housing. Construction on this building began in late 2011, and naming opportunities are available for each of five blocks of apartments.

International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development


This center, dedicated on 25 May, 2013, is one of the university’s most far reaching efforts. The center will be the core of Afghanistan’s only international enterprise solely dedicated to fostering and promoting women’s economic development.  It will house offices for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program, the Afghan office of the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, AUAF academic programs serving women, as well as a range of university-supported programs to boost economic opportunities for women.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Center
$50,000 will fund a seminar room for events related to women’s entrepreneurship, along with a meeting space that includes two offices.

Recording Studio
$50,000 will fund a recording studio linked to AUAF’s Mass Communications program. This studio will be the hands-on training center for the creation of national radio programming content.

Women’s Peace Garden
$25,000 will cover the cost of building a garden that will function as a networking hub for the entire International Campus, male and female students alike.

Language Center
$20,000 will pay for a new AUAF Language Center to help students improve their skills in English. Fluency in reading and writing is critical to all entrepreneurial efforts. The Language Center will advance acquisition of language skills and the information systems common to all businesses.

West Campus


The West Campus is the university’s current operating campus. There are a number of areas in which AUAF is looking to make improvements, as it will be several years before classes begin on the new campus across Darulaman Road.

Professional Development Center
$1 million will entitle the donor to the naming of AUAF’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) center, which is currently renowned as Afghanistan’s preeminent professional training institution. The institute provides courses in English, accounting, computer technology, and a core of other programs designed to fit the needs of the Afghan working population. PDI operates under the auspices of AUAF and functions in a similar fashion to extension programs affiliated with major U.S. universities.

C Building
$200,000 entitles the donor to the naming of the “C Building”, which currently houses the Bernice Nachman Marlowe Library, computer labs, general purpose classrooms and a modern Polycom video conference system. The C Building is perhaps one of the busiest and most popular on campus.

Computer Labs
$35,000 entitles the donor to name one of AUAF’s student computer labs. There are currently three computer labs on campus, all located in the C Building. These are used for classes in the ITCS department and for additional computer-intensive courses and certificate training programs.

Faculty Office Buildings
$100,000 entitles the donor to name a faculty office building on the West Campus, of which there are two. Constructed in 2010 and 2011, these buildings hold 24 and 19 faculty offices respectively.  As construction nears completion on the International Campus, the two buildings will be converted to residence halls for male students.

Music Room
$20,000 will cover all the costs of the newly established Music Club. This practice facility is located in the annex to the Bayat Gymnasium.

Business Partnerships for Afghanistan’s Future


AUAF is a permanent, independent, non-profit, coeducational institution dedicated to the betterment of Afghanistan. As such, it is a promising partner for companies wanting to grow their business in Afghanistan. AUAF graduates will have the education needed to be globally competitive and to assume leadership roles in business and industry. For businesses already employing talented workers, sponsoring them in AUAF degree programs or in PDI custom training courses will ensure employers that their personnel can take advantage of the best educational opportunity available in Afghanistan.

AUAF is seeking support from leading companies that are doing business in Afghanistan. Together we can improve the quality of employees, strengthen the Afghan private sector, and enhance the economic prospects of the country.

Opportunities and Recognition


Along with its need for support for the student scholarships, the Scholars Fund, and facility construction, AUAF also gratefully accepts gifts in kind from manufacturers and distributors, especially for motor vehicles, computers, and instructional and recreational equipment that are important to the university’s operations.

Please consider making a gift to the young people of Afghanistan – and to the future of the nation – by supporting the American University of Afghanistan. All donations will be fully acknowledged in university publications, donor recognition events, and naming dedications, and will be a lasting and visible tribute to the support shown for the people of Afghanistan. Donations can be made directly to the university or to the Friends of AUAF, a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization located in Washington, DC.

For more information about giving, send us your queries here