The American University of Afghanistan was established as a result of the generosity of both Afghan and American donors. As a private university, it relies on contributions from governments, organizations, and private individuals, both in Afghanistan and around the world, to continue providing high-quality education to Afghanistan’s future leaders. Interested in supporting Afghanistan’s only non-profit, non-partisan, and co-educational university? Take a look at the below options for supporting AUAF and see which one matches your interests.

General donations to the university can be made here via the Friends of the American University of Afghanistan, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC. or directly into AUAF's Bank Account via Direct Transfer: 


Beneficiary:                      American University of Afghanistan Sub USD

Account Number:             Acct. 0500102000092100

Account With:                  Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)

SWIFT Code:                    AFIBAFKAXXX US

Intermediate Bank:         Standard Chartered Bank - New York,

SWIFT Code:                    SCBLUS33XXX

Business Partnership for Afghanistan's Future

AUAF is a permanent, independent, non-profit, coeducational institution dedicated to the betterment of Afghanistan. As such, it is a promising partner for companies wanting to grow their business in Afghanistan. AUAF graduates will have the education needed to be globally competitive and to assume leadership roles in business and industry. For businesses already employing talented workers, sponsoring them in AUAF degree programs or in PDI custom training courses will ensure employers that their personnel can take advantage of the best educational opportunity available in Afghanistan.

AUAF is seeking support from leading companies that are doing business in Afghanistan. Together we can improve the quality of employees, strengthen the Afghan private sector, and enhance the economic prospects of the country.

In Kind Donation Opportunities

Along with its need for support for the student scholarships, the Scholars Fund, and facility construction, AUAF also gratefully accepts gifts in kind from manufacturers and distributors, especially for motor vehicles, computers, and instructional and recreational equipment that are important to the university’s operations.

Please consider making a gift to the young people of Afghanistan – and to the future of the nation – by supporting the American University of Afghanistan. All donations will be fully acknowledged in university publications, donor recognition events, and naming dedications, and will be a lasting and visible tribute to the support shown for the people of Afghanistan. Donations can be made directly to the university or to the Friends of AUAF, a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization located in Washington, DC.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

General Scholarship Fund

Any amount of money, large or small, can be donated to our general scholarship fund. This fund is for students who are not recipients of full scholarships, but still require some form of financial aid in order to attend AUAF. Donations can be made through our 501(c)3 fundraising arm, the Friends of AUAF, here.

One-Year Scholarships
$17,000 will fully support one AUAF student with tuition, room, and board for one full academic year. (30 credits per year)

Endowed Named Scholarships
Generations of Afghan students will benefit from the generosity of an endowed scholarship in the amount of $250,000. The interest accrued from the scholarship will fund the education for one student each year, for as long as the university is in operation. An endowment may be named by the donor and can be tailored to focus on areas of particular interest, such a student’s major, place of origin (province), or gender. Donors will also receive regular updates from sponsored students.

President’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $1 million will provide the highest level of scholarship to five outstanding students in need of substantial financial aid each and every year.

Trustee’s Endowed Scholarship
A named gift of $500,000 will provide each year a scholarship to two or more AUAF students in need of substantial financial aid.

Scholars’ Fund
The students of AUAF are Afghanistan’s future visionaries. However, for many students life is tough. Behind their bright faces are often distressing stories of multiple commitments, financial constraints, and sleepless nights. Many students work two or three jobs to earn enough to support their education. Their nightly 5-hours of work (after full-time classes during the day) may earn as little as $100 USD a month. However, these students are determined. They remain hopeful of future opportunities.

The support that AUAF students receive today will have a lifelong impact. AUAF faculty and staff are first-hand witnesses to the talent and potential of the student population.

The Scholars’ Fund allows for faculty and staff to provide financial support to students who would otherwise not be able to attend AUAF. The Fund goes towards assisting students in financial need. The fund is formed solely from the generous contributions of faculty and staff.

Last year, in its first year of operation, the fund reached $26,000. This year, the fund is already at $51,000. No amount is too small. Individuals make monthly contributions or one-time gifts. Presently, monthly contributions by faculty and staff range from $10 all the way to $1000. Contributors may also earmark funds to a particular student if they so desire. U.S. citizens are eligible for a charitable deduction for U.S. tax purposes (learn more).

With your help, AUAF can work to ensure that all students – regardless of their financial situation – have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become Afghanistan’s future leaders.

Contribution Form

August Memorial Scholarship Fund

The August Cause

American University of Afghanistan has reopened after last year’s devastating attack. One year on, the AUAF community of students, professors and staff continue the legacy of the seven students and a professor we lost that dark day in August. 
To mark the commitment of these students to education and celebrate the potential of their promising lives cut short, AUAF is launching an international fundraising campaign.



The Campaign- Education Will Prevail

Beginning August 23, 2017, AUAF alumni and friends everywhere will have the opportunity to contribute to the August Memorial Scholarship Fund to offer full, four-year scholarships for new students to continue our fallen students’ and staff’s legacy. 
The campaign is a manifestation of AUAF’s motto after the attack that “Education Will Prevail.” By helping us establish this scholarship fund, AUAF alumni and friends are supporting the bravery and commitment to knowledge that our students demonstrate by returning to class despite experiencing unimaginable horror in the attack.


The American University of Afghanistan

AUAF’s commitment to education -- and to educating the next generation of Afghanistan’s leaders -- is stronger than ever. We continue to work hard to expand our campus, refine our curriculum and offer classes in a safe environment that fosters rigorous academic inquiry. 
We refuse to give into fear and intimidation and will continue to spread the light of knowledge. This campaign is about helping us pass the torch down to subsequent generations of AUAF students. 
Our graduates go on to become leading public servants, entrepreneurs and civil society leaders. Among our students and alumni are deputy ministers, award-winning business owners and a Putlizer Prize winner. Since its first graduating class in 2010, AUAF has produced over 70 Fulbright scholars, among the highest for any university in the world. 
AUAF students come from all 34 provinces of the country and include 47 percent women, the highest percentage in Afghanistan.


Your Donation

By supporting the August Memorial Scholarship Fund, you are enabling the University to continue its social mission at a time when operating costs have increased, not least because of demands for tighter campus security. Your support helps our social mission remain sustainable. 
Our students, professors, our administrators, and staff continue their work every day. We ask that you support our work by making a gift to the August Memorial Scholarship Fund today. Any amount helps. 

For Online Donation:

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Banking Information: 
Beneficiary:                American University of Afghanistan Sub USD 
Account Number:       Acct. 0500102000092100 
Account With:             Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) 
SWIFT Code:             AFIBAFKAXXX US 
Intermediate Bank:     Standard Chartered Bank - New York, 
SWIFT Code:             SCBLUS33XXX 
Account Number:       3582026146001 

For On-Campus Donations , Please Visit Student Finance at the International Campus or West Campus (Old Campus).

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