The orientation programs for AUAF’s newly admitted Undergraduate and Academy students were organized from Sunday August 16th to Thursday August 27th. AUAF welcomed its newly admitted students both in-person and virtually through a series of small-group orientation sessions to provide them with essential information to get started, and inform them of the wide range of on campus facilities and services.

The in-person orientation was an opportunity for new students to become familiar with the AUAF campus, meet AUAF faculty and staff, and to take placement exams. The virtual orientation program was a chance for students to hear from the representatives of various departments through prerecorded video presentations, and become familiar with the services they will receive as AUAF becomes their home for the next four years. President Sedney challenged our new students “to become world-class leaders as they take advantage of the tools AUAF offers, but that the ultimate responsibility is on the students to work hard and seize the opportunities AUAF offers.” Director of Student Affairs, Matthew Graham, encouraged students to “realize they are part of the world student community and that they are all experiencing this time of online learning around the world together”. Our students are about to begin the most exciting times of their lives, and we are excited to welcome them on-line and hopefully, soon back to campus

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