AUAF Spotlighted Science Day with Students' own Scientific Experiments

On 5th December, AUAF Division of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM), under the leadership of Dr. Maria del Mar De Fez Laso, organized AUAF’s first Science Day to provide students and faculty an exciting opportunity to increase scientific literacy in an accessible way. The wide selection of fun and illustrative experiments on display demonstrated that science is closer than expected in everyday life. Special visitors to the event included the Asia Health Group, Afghanistan Nuclear Energy Agency, Bayat Foundation, and Marefat High School.

Fifty-two student exhibiters took part in Science Day with projects demonstrating physics, biology, chemistry, information technology, and medical principles in action.  Visitors to Science Day had the opportunity to see “smart city” technology on display, test their blood type, make their hair stand on end with a Van de Graaff generator, and even perform laparoscopic surgery (on a pumpkin).

One of the experiments on display explained an initiative that STM is developing to create an online application that will make possible world-wide access of the miniatures of Afghanistan’s medieval art that are currently exhibited both in Herat and at AUAF. Three AUAF students, Mohammad Saleem Shirzad, Sayed Shabeer Hashimi and Ahmad Roeen Saba, have been selected by Professor de Fez Laso to work on the project. Their exhibit won the first prize at the Science Day competition, based on voting by enthusiastic students.

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