Information Technology and Computer Science

The Information Technology and Computer Science Department aims to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge of:

  • Modern software design, development, and implementation techniques
  • Modern communication and networking technologies
  • Information storage, retrieval, and management techniques
  • Mathematical and scientific approaches in ITCS


Degree Description

The Information Technology and Computer Science Department provides students with the following degree:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) with a concentration in Computer Science and Information Technology


Computer Science Program Description 

The curriculum provides a balance between important theoretical concepts and practical applications, and provides students with solid mathematical foundations. Once students have earned 30 credit hours and have declared their intended degree program, they are advised within the department. Elective courses give students the opportunity to learn more about the following areas:

  • Computer Networking and Telecommunications
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Web Systems and E-business/E-Commerce
  • Software Engineering

Department Faculty
  • Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz , Assistant Professor

    Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz

    Assistant Professor 

    PhD, MITS, B.Sc 

    Department of Information Technology and Computer Science


    Data Structure, Introduction to c programming, Java Programming, Introduction to Python, Database Concept, Mobile Application Development, Advanced Database, Network security, Computer security, Computer Networks, Web System and E-Business Biometrics Technology, Introduction to Computer and Artificial Intelligence.


    His research interests include a variety of topics in the areas of Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Biometrics Technology, Database systems, Watermarking, Digital Steganography, Pattern recognition, Computer Security, Cryptography, Network security and Computer programming.


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  • Dr. Aissa Boudjella , Assistant Professor

    Dr. Aissa Boudjella

    Assistant Professor 

    PhD in Electrical Engineering 

    Department of Information Technology and Computer Science 

    Professor Aissa Boudjella joined the American University of Afghanistan at the department of information technology and computer science since March 2017. He received the Master and Ph.D degrees in electrical engineering from City Tokyo University, Japan in 1992 and 1995, respectively. He has taught a variety of courses and organized lectures related to several subjects for undergraduate and graduate level courses: in Mathematics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Microelectronics, Nonoelectronics, Renewable Energy etc.

    As Professor at Bircham International University, a member of the academic Board of distance learning system, He is in charge of designing programs, evaluating and supervision student work. He worked at the department of information technology, Al Khwarizmi international college (Abu Dhabi), where He has taught and developed new courses in Information Technology: Java, User interface design, e-business, e-commerce, data communication & networking, Computer graphics,Application programming in the Net framework, Computer architecture and operating, IT project management, Discrete mathematics, computer skills, etc.

    He has served as an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Communication Technology (Faculty of information and communication Technology Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Malaysia). Courses taught: Digital and analog circuit, signal processing, micro-controller, VLSI, digital, electric circuit, electronic, microelectronic, CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits At Ecole polytechnic, Montreal Canada, he was employed as a research associate, his research work focused on nanodevices.

    Prior he was employed by Algerian public universities for many years: University of sciences & technology (1983-1988)/University of Mostagnem (1995-998) and University of Chlef (2004-2005).

    His research work has appeared on the transaction of institute of electrical engineers of japan, Japanese journal of applied physics, International Conference on Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics, Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, International Micro-processes and Nanotechnology Conference/japan, International Forum on Mechanical and Material Engineering, Advanced Materials Research Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, Applied Mechanics and Materials Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland,American Institute of Physics

    Dr. Boudjella is also a reviewer and a chief editor for many international conferences and journals. He is currently a committee member of WASET, International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Malaysia nanotechnology association (MNA), International Multi-conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS) ,International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE).


    Ph.D in Electrical Engineering-City Tokyo University, Tokyo, japan

    Ph.D in Electrical Engineering-City Tokyo University, Tokyo, japan

    Magister in Electrical Engineering, University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria

    Bachelor  in Electrical Engineering, University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria

    Research Interest:

    Modeling in nanodevices,Big Data,Applied mathematics,Cryptography,Renewable Energy,e-learning,Digital image processing,Digital signal processing,Power electronics Computer simulations/ Mathematical Modeling of many natural systems


    1. MWONGEREZA Jean d’Amour , Aissa Boudjella, Energy outlook in East Africa region and the carbon emissions for conventional energy projection. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2016, 4, 32-41. Published online on July 2016 in SciRes.

    2. Aissa Boudjella,  Mukti Sharma DeeptiSharma Non-native English speaker readability metric: Reading speed and comprehension. Will be published Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics,  2017.

    3. Aissa Boudjella, Modelling the temperature dependence of the threshold voltage of bis (1,4-dithiolbenzene) molecular   assembly system .Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 54, 06FG11 (2015)

    Conference on Electronic Design; ICED 2008, 1-3 Dec., Penang, Malaysia.   

    4. More papers

  • Saeed Fakhri Ravari, Assistant Professorship of Information Technology and Mathematics

    Phd (in progress) in Educational Leadership, Chapman University, USA; MS in Business and Economics and BS in Computer Science, Southern Connecticut State University , USA.


    Comes to AUAF from Rancho Santiago Community College District in California, USA. In addition to teaching computer science and mathematics, has extensive experience at academic institutions as Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology. Past affiliations have included Soka University of America; The American University of Kurdistan, Iraq; Norwalk Community College, USA; University of St. Thomas, USA; and Southern Connecticut State University, USA. 

  • Department Staff
  • Ali Shinwari, M.S., ITCS - Lab Assistant


    Ali’s carrier began in 2010 as a lecturer in ATVI (Afghanistan Technical Institute). He has taught courses such as programming and databases. Also he has designed several projects including,: Catering Stock program, Hospital Management Information System, and Town Management Information System.



    M.S. in Computer Science – Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan

    B.S. in Computer Science – Sarhad University of Science and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan 

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