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English and Humanities Department

The English Department provides extensive support for AUAF’s General Education Program by providing instruction in Academic Writing and General Education Humanities courses. The Department offers comprehensive Humanities Education in academic literacy (written, oral, and visual). These courses teach analysis of Literatures, Humanities, and Linguistics, building a strong foundation in using language effectively, persuasively, and creatively. All of this contributes to the general UG efforts to include critical thinking skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Department Faculty

Dr. John Wall Associate Professor, Department Chair

Dr. Christine Murray Assistant Professor

Christopher Henderson Assistant Professor

Jim Henry Assistant Professor

Angela Miller Assistant Professor

Walter Rudolph Instructor


Dr. Sharif Fayez, Professor

Belqis Aimaq, German Instructor

Khalid Waziri, Instructor

Mohammad Shoaib Omari, French Instructor

Hamidullah Hamidy Writing Center Tutor