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Academic Catalog / Degree Plans


2016 AUAF Academic Catalog

Degrees at AUAF:

A degree is not conferred for a mere collection of credits. A well-balanced, unified, and complete program of study is required. The overall program of the student frequently will exceed the minimum requirements as specified for each degree. The majority of students graduate with more than the 120 minimum required credits for the four year degrees. ITCS and LLB both require more than 120 credits to graduate.

Degree Plans:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Accounting/Finance/Management – for students who started before 2015 Fall Semester

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Accounting/Finance/Marketing/Operational Management – for students who started in 2015 Fall Semester or after

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - for students who started before 2015 Fall semester

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – for students who started after 2015 Fall semester

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts and Laws (BA-LL.B.)