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Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The University established a Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at AUAF in July 2016 to commence operations during the fall semester. Dr. Zaher Wahab, Director of the AUAF MA in Education program, who has decades of experience as a full professor at Lewis and Clark College, leads this initiative that reassesses instruction, faculty evaluation student assessment, and curriculum development, as well as workshops on pedagogy and new classroom technology.

The goals and objectives of this initiative are:

Goal 1:  Improve instruction (teaching and learning) at AUAF that encompasses each area of the student experience by:

        I. Engaging faculty regarding the latest research on best practices in college teaching

       II. Convening regular workshops and seminars on college teaching

      III. Promoting peer collaboration and classroom observations for professional development purposes

Goal 2: Enhance curriculum development (course and syllabi design and revisions).

Goal 3:  Nurture a faculty culture that encourages research, writing, and collegiality.

Goal 4:  Strengthen the cognitive and ethical development of AUAF students by:

       I. Implementing new theories regarding college student cognitive, ethical and social development

      II. Creating and sustaining a civic-minded campus-wide culture by Introducing a first-year civic education course within the general education requirements to be offered during the Fall 2017 Semester.

     III.  Expanding student internship opportunities and voluntary work within the community

Goal 5: Reassess and improve the existing evaluation processes (student evaluation for each course and semester as well as the comprehensive annual faculty evaluation), including student feedback survey.

Goal 6: Introduce new technologies in the classroom and develop blended learning opportunities.

Goal 7: Train faculty on the use of library resources.

Goal 8: Establish critical pedagogy that identifies internal weaknesses and develops plans to solve them. Works with Department Chairs to ensure that the project stays on task.